Motivation Monday

Posted: June 13, 2011 in Articles, Music

We officially started our next wellness challenge at my work this weekend: a group walk. Our goal is to collectively walk the distance from our office in Michigan to our Amazon headquarters in Seattle. That’s a good 2600 miles or so, but there are at least 80 of us walking and we’ve got about 6 weeks to do it. I’m pumped about it—partly because I helped organize the thing, but also because I’ve never worn a pedometer for more than a day. So here I am, come maxi dress or skinny jeans or soccer shorts, wearing my pedometer, counting my steps. It’s truly sad to see how little I leave my desk during the day, but great motivation to get up and ask people for things more often. Have you ever looked into a pedometer?

Another Monday is here and it’s officially summer, which means it’s officially time to work out any and all ways possible. Play outside, swim, bike, walk on the beach, walk on the sidewalk, lift heavy, have dance parties—it’s all more fun in the sun. At least I think so.

So what are you doing to motivate yourself? Here are some things I’ve been rockin’…

“There is so much more in it for me than getting a fast time and a medal. That is just part of the story. No matter what time I swim, it is an opportunity for me to express my gratitude to God that I can swim, that I am healthy, that I look fit, that I love to workout. This is a gift I no longer take for granted!” –from

“Often it’s the people who aren’t famous who fascinate and inspire me the most because of their perseverance and determination.” – from

Song of the day:
Rabiosa by Shakira (Sexy girl crush alert! I loves me some Shakira!)  

Don’t have money to spend on a gym membership or fitness equipment? Understandable, but it’s still no excuse not to work out! Here’s a list of places and things to do for free exercise-wise.  

Why this Fit Bottomed Girl (and I!) think you, as a woman, NEED TO lift weights.


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