P90X Chest, Shoulders, & Triceps

Posted: June 7, 2011 in DVD Reviews

Anyone else having a crazy stressful busy beginning to their week? Holy goober… I’m treading water at the base some sort of epic waterfall, me thinks.

Which is why I’m opening June with my favorite and, in my thoughts, the hardest P90X DVD. This one is essentially all pushups and pull-ups for 50 straight minutes. Not only were my arms a little sore for the next two days, but moreso, my torso and abs were killing me!

P90X Chest, Shoulders, & Triceps

Tony may be annoying, but it's no doubt that he's ripped.

Where I Got This DVD: A friend at work

Length: Approx. 53 mins.

Workouts: Warm-Up, a series of 12 exercises (done one way first then reversed for round 2), Cool-Down

Instructor: Tony Horton

Team: 2 guys and 1 woman – she’s a machine!

Note: I do not have a pull-up bar, so I used 15lb. resistance bands wrapped around a pillar. When it came to using free weights, I used 10lb. dumbbells.

2nd Note: There are 4 or 5 water breaks throughout the workout. Tony also pauses after each move so you can write down the number of reps you did for each exercise.


      • About 1 ½ mins. of getting your legs warmed up, bouncing, moving your arms, etc.
      • About 6 ½ mins. of stretching – I fast-forwarded this because I don’t like to stretch before I work out

Series 1:

    • 1 min. standard pushups
    • 1 min. wide front pull-ups
    • :38 military pushups
    • :40 reverse grip chin-ups
    • :58 wide fly pushups
    • :43 close grip overhand pull-ups
    • :35 decline pushups (I used a small stool to put my feet on)
    • :44 heavypants (need free weights for this)
    • 1 min. diamond pushups
    • 1:04 lawn mower (need free weights for this)
    • 1 min. dive bomber pushups
    • :40 back flies (need free weights for this)


Series 2: Do the same thing as Series 1, only flip the pushups and pull-ups order (so start with 1 min. wide front pull-ups, followed by 1 min. standard pushups)

Cool-Down: About 3:20 of stretching and continued moving of the limbs


Instructor: Tony talks. A lot. He also counts out loud when he participates in the workout and he counts/does reps flippin’ fast, which screws me up and pushes me too hard. Not to mention he’s showing off and it’s annoying because he talks about it. Basically, the DVD could be a solid 10 min. shorter if Tony didn’t talk as much. He’s a bit melodramatic.

Moves: Solid, basic, effective – pushups and pull-ups

Best Workout: I like the pushups better because it doesn’t require equipment!

Worst: None

Intensity Level: Beginner to Advanced

Buy It?: I like how this DVD can be modified for any fitness level. If you can only get out 5 pushups or pull-ups during each time segment, then that’s what you can do. If you want to challenge yourself, you can crank ‘em out. I actually love this P90X DVD—it’s probably one of my favorites because it’s so simple, yet so effective. My hands were shaking as I took notes and wrote my numbers down. I feel it in my abs and obliques one, two, three days later. And I feel like a total badass after I’ve completed it because you realize that you basically just did 35 mins. straight of pushups and pull-ups. That’s hardcore. Of all the P90X DVDs, I think this one is really worth it, because even though you do basic moves, you do different modifications and have an allotted time that you’re working with. It pushes you. I love it.


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