Jari Love’s Extremely Ripped! Lean Machine (2010)

Posted: June 1, 2011 in DVD Reviews

Happy Hump Day! What’s your activity of choice today? It’s pretty good-looking outside and it’s making it hard to not run… Thus another gym/weight-lifting evening for me. Trying to get the guns ready for beach season, ya know.

The DVD I’m reviewing today is another one that Jari Love’s camp sent to me. I was pumped to try it since her other workouts have definitely been tough. However… I wasn’t that impressed. Just gonna be blunt.

Jari Love’s Extremely Ripped! Lean Machine (2010)

Jari looks like a lean machine on the cover...

Where I Got This DVD: Jari Love’s camp! Thanks, guys!
Length: Approx. 90 mins.
Workouts: Warm-Up; Arms & Legs; Arms, Back, & Legs; Back & Biceps; Lifts; Cool-Down; Squats; Lunges; Biceps & Shoulders
Instructor: Jari Love
Team: A variety of women and one guy

Note: Have a few different sets of weights – I used 5s and 10s.

Warm-Up: It was literally the exact same warm-up as another one of her DVDs. Needless to say, I wasn’t impressed.

Arms & Legs:

      • Fast, not very well-communicated or choreographed moves
      • The moves themselves were good – it got my shoulders burning!
      • Lots of shoulder raises with squats and lunges
      • There was some kind of uncomfy skip-walk-thing in there… me no like

Arms, Back, & Legs:

    • Sketchy choreography again
    • Jari says she loves the songs. Me? Eh…
    • I have no idea why this segment has back in there because it didn’t work my back that well
    • Moves include: lunges, shoulder pressed, and fast bicep curl

Back & Biceps:

    • Again, barely any back! I was very disappointed.
    • More lunges, squats, and fast choreograph


    • This segment was way too quick
    • Moves: ½ supermans, butt kick/lifts, plank



      • Series of pulses and full squats
      • This is when the sole guy enters the pictur


    • Side lunges, front/side/back lunges, pulses, knees up
    • The moves are simple but good…
    • …however, the segment seems to cut off at the end

Biceps & Shoulders:

    • 4 sets of shoulder exercises and 3 sets of biceps exercises
    • They’re all classic/simple, but it burns because of the reps, sets, and minor tweaks
    • Again, this segment cuts off quickly

Instructor: Jari looks like a skeleton with make-up on. I’m sorry, she’s ripped, but grossly so. It looks like she’s dehydrated from a few too many tanning sessions. Her choreography and cues were off in this DVD, too. She herself is okay, but I’ve liked her better in previous DVDs.
Moves: Classic moves – nothing new and exciting 😦
Best Workout: Lunges and Biceps & Shoulders
Worst: Arms, Back, & Legs and Back & Biceps – no back work!
Intensity Level: Beginner to Advanced
Buy It?: The only thing this DVD has going for it is that it can be modified for any skill/strength/intensity level simply by the amount of weight you lift. It’s instructor in its most basic form—you’re doing the most basic of moves at the pace and in the order that someone tells you to. I’m sorry to say that Jari wasn’t my favorite in more ways than one in this DVD, and that, coupled with the blah segments, has led me to suggest you pass on this DVD. You can do the same moves on your own.

  1. charlotte says:

    I keep thinking I need to try out Jari Love but after reading this I guess there’s a reason I never have! Thanks for your honesty!

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