VHS ALERT! Billy Blanks’ Tae Bo Live! Advanced Volume 1 (1999)

Posted: May 25, 2011 in DVD Reviews

I couldn't even find a picture of this VHS - awesome, I know - but it's first in the series that this VHS is a part of.

I’m kickin’ it (ha! pun intended) old school today with a VHS review… and who else could it be but my favorite man in spandex – Billy Blanks! My remarks are blunt and honest, so get ready to duke it out with Billy.

Billy Blanks’ Tae Bo Live! Advanced Volume 1 (1999) 

Where I Got This VHS: A garage sale years ago I’m pretty sure (Note: I couldn’t find this specific VHS on Amazon *sniff*, but I found another Advanced one I really like here)
Length: Approx. 60 mins.
Workouts: 1 straight up workout
Instructor: Billy Blanks!
Team: The usual players, including his daughter Shellie, and a bunch of random people – there are a few dozen in the class

Note: Since this VHS isn’t broken into segments, I’m going to just bullet point my thoughts and comment from the whole thing… starting… now!

    •  The opening music just gets me grinning – yes, BB gets me excited
    • I love the dude in the cutoff and spandex shorts in the front—you also get to see some butterfly clips, rip-aways, spandex onesies, other interesting workout clothes, a guy in a wheelchair, and 90s music on crack (I ❤ the 90s!)
    • BB counts fast, as usual, and I don’t agree with his stretching right after the quick warm-up
    • I like this live version—it shows the human side of exercise, but that room must be hot because everyone’s sweating buckets within 10 mins.
    • BB has an awkward monologue about half way in and it’s a good 2 mins. long about power, will, etc. Whoa. I suggest fast-forwarding…
    • Great moves without tricky combos: squats, jumping jacks, bouncing, all the different punches and kicks, standing ab work
    • Big lesson learned: don’t wear grey (especially pants) during a workout class because you are going to sweat through and it is going to be awkward for those who can see you (cue girl in the front row with the hat)
    • The butt move sequence is awesome—you have to get on all fours on the floor, and holy crazy fast counting (it’s a little unrealistic), but it’s brutal and it hurts
    • Ends with a few abs moves and stretching

Instructor: Oh Billy. He talks so much. And says “C’mon” every second during the butt exercises. I definitely wanted to punch him more than once, but he definitely leads a good class.
Moves: I just heart kickboxing so I liked the lack of complexity but the various combos.
Intensity Level: Definitely more Intermediate to Advanced (mostly because of speed)
Buy It?: I love Tae Bo. I’m always excited to do it, always sweaty, it always goes by quickly, and it always hurts at some point. I was all of those things again this time. And I really like the added butt bonus. I say if you get a chance to try this old school VHS, do it to it. I love it. It’s best fall-back buddy 🙂


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