Motivation Monday

Posted: May 23, 2011 in Articles, Music

Google "motivation" and look at the images. Quite the array. Some awesome. Some... just... wow.

I know. I failed with the posts last week. I’m sorry. Unreliable is not cool. After the emotionally and physically draining weekend I had, I’ve been tired and recovering. It was a week of learning about myself in a different way—learning to sleep a little later, vary my workouts, and eat only when I was hungry. It seemed to work pretty well because guess what? When your body is sore and tired and you don’t work out as much, you can actually sleep decently and you don’t eat as much because you don’t need as much. GASP! I found it astounding, too. But in all honesty, I was the chick who worked out 7 days/week for at least an hour every day. My body was hungry. My body slept, but was programmed to wake up for its 5am workouts. However, it can learn to just live, too. I’m finding that to be a fascinating revelation, which sounds stupid and simple, I know, but really. Living life without crazy amounts of exercise every day isn’t awful. Sure, I feel self-conscious, but not terribly moreso. I mostly feel self-conscious because I love how strong and sexy I feel when I workout, so cutting that short has decreased that feeling. But life can go on happily without tons of exercise.

On the other hand, I’m finding it hard to motivate myself during times of injury such as now. I want to run. So, so badly. I had to run to catch the Metro yesterday on my way to the DC airport and it was exhilarating. It hurt, but my body loved it. It missed it. I have my first PT evaluation here on Friday—fingers crossed the diagnosis isn’t bad and I can start more HI exercise sooner than first thought (4-6 weeks off).

So what does a girl do when she can only walk, Spin, and lift, and her legs hurt every day still? Pushups. And sit-ups. And yoga. And circuits that mix those things with the cardio I can do (because let’s face it, I’m still a cardio queen).

Best Quick-Fix Exercise Circuit: 33 mins.

  • 3 mins. = warm-up
  • Set iPod to workout songs – after each song, get on the floor and do 10 pushups followed by 20 knee pull-ins from the straight-armed plank position (vary pull-ins: straight, diagonal, and to the side)
  • Get back on bike and vary resistance from fairly hard to hard the entire time; vary positions: sitting, hover, rise and bounce, rise and run
  • Continue this for 30 mins. I was sweaty and tired and satisfied after this 33-min. workout.

And I’m usually the one who doesn’t feel good being done until I’ve done at least an hour. But this… this worked. Try it. You can do it with running or any other cardio machine, too, ya know. Be creative. Instead of pushups, do tricep dips. Or squats. Or leg raises. Or kicks. Or mountain climbers. Or good ‘ole crunches. Mix and match. It works. It’s hardcore.

What else, you say? Good question.

Food motivators: FRESH FRUIT. Yes, it costs more than boxed foods, but it’s sooo much better. Strawberries are in. The other berries are coming. So are the melons. Get excited.

Songs (these are my gettin’-in-touch-with-myself songs):


Every time I complain about my leg hurting I have to remember people like this man—he lost his leg and still runs faster than I do! Wow… I like to think I’d be doing the same thing as he did in the hospital though…,7120,s6-243-560–13734-0,00.html Any advise, ideas, workouts, songs, thoughts to share with the injured and frustrated? Do share, please 😀


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