Run With Me… No, Seriously, You Should.

Posted: May 5, 2011 in Articles

This comic made me giggle - I finally understand what it's like to need 2-3 miles to warm-up before getting in the groove during a run.

If you’ve been following me and my blog for the past 8 weeks, you’ve heard that I signed up for the Grand Rapids River Bank Run—a 25K. Since I’ve never run more than a 5K, I’ve been training for real. It’s actually the first real routine I’ve ever stuck to diligently. I run Tuesday, Thursday, and either Saturday or Sunday, and occasionally a short distance on some of the other days if I really need to burn off some steam or it’s nice outside. And because this is my first race and I have a history of bad knees, I’ve been doing a lot of research. When should I eat? Which foods are best? Which stretches should I be doing? What about my strength training sessions… how soon should I cut back on the heavy lifting?

Articles with solid tips and info:

Marathon Running Tips – sure, I (and you) may not running a marathon, but big training calls for some changes.

Supplements for Runners – Broken down more simply, you need these main nutrients for these reasons:

  1. Calcium because, “Calcium reduces stress-fracture risk by strengthening bones,” says sports dietitian Molly Morgan, R.D, “and plays a key role in muscle and nerve function.”
  2. Fish Oil because, “Iron is vital for producing hemoglobin, a compound that carries oxygen to muscles,” says Diane DellaValle, R.D., who’s studied the mineral’s role in exercise. “Low iron causes energy to sag and affects performance.”
  3. Vitamin D because the body needs vitamin D to absorb calcium, making it vital for bone health. That’s why the Institute of Medicine recently raised its recommended daily intake from 200 international units (IU) to 600 IU for most age groups.

Live in Michigan like me? Sign up for some races then! It’s a great motivation kick-in-the-pants. Interested in some? Let me know which ones—maybe I’ll run them with you or let you know which ones I want to run J

No matter what type of eater you are, read this to find out how you can eat better to fuel you and your runs.

I want to stay injury-free, and I’m sure you do, too! I really liked this article.

Here’s a whole list of great articles about recovery nutrition.

  1. I will be running with you in spirit!

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