The Spark: Fit, Firm, & Fired Up (2009)

Posted: May 4, 2011 in DVD Reviews

#2 of The Spark DVD

Won’t jibber-jabber today. It’s DVD time.

The Spark: Fit, Firm, & Fired Up (2009)

Where I Got This DVD: From The Spark Team
Length: Approx. 94 mins.
Workouts: 7 10-min. strength and toning workouts and 1 15-min. cardio workout
Instructor: Coach Nicole

Day 1: Body Blast

  • Consists of: squats with toes out and dumbbells, variations of squats with toe and calf raises; front, back, side, and curtsy lunges, dead lifts, balance leg raises
  • Need weights and a chair for balance

Day 2: All About Arms

  • Starts with pushups – always a good sign
  • Need a chair again Moves: back row, tricep kickbacks, flies, tricep raises, bicep curls, chest and should press combo, tricep dips

Day 3: Call on Your Core

  • Includes: circle around crunches, with legs straight climb the rope up, crunch with one arm and opposite leg, crunch with arm sweep to side, reverse crunch, side lifts where you hold at the top and twist down toward your forearm, supermans
  • Good, but very fast segment

Day 4: Love Your Hips, Glutes, & Thighs

  • I really liked this section
  • Start on hands and knees and do a series of leg extensions, side lifts, big bicycle legs, leg pulses, bridges with 1 and both legs

Day 5: Pump Up Your Upper Body

  • Combination moves like single arm row in lunge, hammer curl to shoulder raise, lateral raise, bent over row into tricep kickback and tricep circles, single arm chest flies on knees, pushups, single-leg pushups on knees

Day 6: Crunchless Core Challenge

  • While standing: twists, knees up, straight leg raises, knee up and twist, side knee up and arm crunch, side bend with weight, waist bends with weights

Day 7: Strengthen & Lengthen

  • Includes moves like: squats into quad stretch, plank and pushups, planks and downward dogs, single-leg up and downs, warriors from runner’s stretches, cat round back, side plank with arm circle, Pilates stretches, butt stretches
  • A good combo on Pilates, yoga, and everyday stretches

Cardio in a Crunch

  • Very low-intensity
  • Good for a little movement during the day – not very sweat-inducing – more of a warm-up feel
  • You do: marching with arms, V-steps, high knee march, grapevines, punches, knees, front and side kicks, punch combos, jumping jacks, squats, jump rope, march, shoulders, stretch
  • Note: Coach Nicole has really bad punching form – don’t mimic her!

Instructor: Coach Nicole is okay—she’s not amazing, but not annoying. She knows what she’s doing (except for the punching) and her form is good.
Moves: A good mix of the everyday, classic, solid moves and a few newer ones.
Best Workout: Day 4: Love Your Hips, Glutes, & Thighs
Worst: Cardio in a Crunch
Intensity Level: Beginner or Intermediate
Buy It?: If you need an intro to weight-lifting and/or are looking for a quick go-to filler workout DVD with short segments, then you would probably like this. You can easily use fewer modifications, add your own intensifiers, and use heavier weights for a challenge. However, if you’re looking for a DVD to make you sweat and get your blood pumping for longer than 10 mins., pass on this one. This is really best for the beginner and time-crunched exerciser.


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