P90X Cardio X

Posted: April 12, 2011 in DVD Reviews

Another P90X DVD coming at you! I was really interested to see what kind of cardio Tony would come up with because when I think of P90X, I think of weight lifting and bodyweight exercises. Would Tony make me do jumping jacks and jump roping? Kickboxing? Running in place? Oh gosh, please no…

P90X Cardio X

I know, sketchy small photo, sorry. But it's the only single DVD shot I found!

Where I Got This DVD: I own it, but here’s the website
Length: Approx. 43 mins.
Workouts: Warm-Up, Workout; Cool-Down
Instructor: Tony Horton
Team: Three P90X graduates

Warm-Up (Approx. 5 ½ mins.)

  • Jogging in place, butt kicks, stretching – nothing lasts too long

Workout (Approx. 32 mins.)

  • Starts with about 5 yoga moves, 10 mins. long – very controlled body movements, focus on balance and body weight
  • Moves into kickboxing/boxing moves and combos
  • Continues with kicks, jump shots, airborne heismans, tire runs – lots of jumping and plyometrics
  • It’s definitely not your usual cardio workout – very different, more realistic cardio movements
  • End with ab exercises – not your usual abs though – standing ab exercises, more realistic movements

Cool-Down (Approx. 4 mins.)

  • Stretching, lowering the heart rate

Instructor: Tony talks a lot, as usual, and gets to be a little much at times. I actually pre-selected the “Cues Only” on the menu for this one. That way I could listen to my own music while getting cues from Tony about when and what move to switch to. Though a little much, Tony is very informational and talks about how and why you do each move as well as how to make it easier or harder.
Moves: Plyos, jumps, kickboxing, standing ab work.
Intensity Level: Any level – Tony and his team definitely work at a more advanced level and pace, but it can be modified for any fitness level.
Buy It?: I like it… It’s a shorter, intense, a different workout, something that adds variety to my workout week and is easy to pair with another ½-hour to hour workout or do alone if you’re time-crunched. So as a part of the P90X workout, yeah it’s good. But as a single DVD that I would seek out? Ehh… it’s not my cup of tea for cardio 3-4 days/week. There’s just something about the variety and diversity/not-your-usual cardio moves that’s attractive and refreshing, but again, I wouldn’t just buy this one DVD or ask for just this one P90X DVD. It’s definitely part of a good package, though.


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