Gorgeous Core with Suzanne Bowen (2010)

Posted: April 6, 2011 in DVD Reviews

I must be honest, I had never heard of Suzanne Bowen or her Gorgeous Core workout. I’m sorry, I felt bad about it. And her workout made me sorry because it was crazy hard. Basically I should be doing it every other day for the rest of my life. But especially now while I’m training. 

Gorgeous Core with Suzanne Bowen (2010)

I want Suzanne Bowen's core... and this DVD may for seriously help me get it...


Where I Got This DVD: Jackie Warner’s team sent it to me! Super nice of them 🙂
Length: Approx. 60 mins.
Workouts: Lean, Long, & Strong; Classic Abwork; Sleek Physique; Metabolism Bootcamp; Absolute Challenge; Total Core Fast Blast
Instructor: Suzanne Bowen 

Long, Lean, & Strong (Approx. 12 mins.):

  • Pilates-esque moves
  • Ex: hundred-type exercises, lifting shoulders and pulsing, bridge work, double-leg press
  • It’s a long 12 mins.—you def. feel it deep in your core

Classic Abwork (Approx. 12 mins.):

  • Moves include: bicycles, ab pulses, directional pulses (very challenging!), leaning back abs
  • One thing that struck me was Suzanne says, “You can do anything 7 times.” Wait, really? 7 times!? That’s a lot of times. I didn’t like that… it threw me off.

Sleek Physique (Approx. 12 mins.):

  • Plank work… uh-oh…
  • Planks, planks with knees in slow (and hold), forearm planks as you raise and lower, T stands, side planks with arm curls in/under, pulses, reverse planks with pulses and holds
  • It. Burns. Your. Entire. Body.

Metabolism Bootcamp (Approx. 12 mins.):

  • More of a balance-challenge segment—can use 3lb. weights if you want
  • Start on your feet and do squats and lunges, move to the floor to do mountain climbers and multiple types of pushups

ABsolute Challenge (Approx. 7 mins.):

  • A series of Pilates-based crunches that ends with a plank

Total Core Fast Blast (Approx. 5 mins.):

  • Moves include: chair pose, plank with twists/pulls, floor for crunches, and bridges

Instructor: Suzanne is one of those people that you would classify as sweet. She knows what she’s talking about and tells you what she knows. I didn’t finish the DVD with any strong feelings toward her either way (bad or good). The one note I did make was that the music was good.
Moves: A variety of Pilates, core stability, and basic abwork moves.
Best Workout: Long, Lean, & Strong and Sleep Physique
Worst: They were all good!
Intensity Level: Intermediate to Advanced
Buy It?: I wouldn’t classify this as something for the weak of core, aka a beginner. You definitely need to have some core strength to successfully perform many of the moves back to back to back and reap the benefits. My core is my weakest spot—I need major help in keeping it strong and toned, and this DVD is amazing for that. Because it’s not just your everyday crunches, and it’s not just Pilates, it’s this crazy random good mix of both of those with some everyday balance challenges thrown in there. I personally love this DVD even though it hurts and I silently ask myself “WHY am I doing this!? When is it going to be done!?”. So if you’re looking for an ab-specific workout that’s a mix of everything, then this is it. It’s something new and different, and if you noticed, none of the segments are very long, so it can legitimately fit into your day at some point in time. No excuses. Which is a good thing. Ipso facto, if you’re looking for a new core challenge then try this DVD. See if it kicks your butt, well core/abs/torso, like it kicked mine.

Wow… I really haven’t been doing enough core work… this post is making me realize it. I guess I know what I’ll be doing tonight…


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