Cathe Kick Max (2008)

Posted: March 30, 2011 in DVD Reviews

After a great Spinning class this morning (I love my Spinning friends! They make 5am tolerable, heck, enjoyable!), and a great day at work today, I am happily posting about one of my favorite workouts: Kickboxing.

As you’ve probably already noticed, I’m a Cathe Friedrich fan. Her workouts are never anything less than intense. If you want to sweat and work out hard, turn to Cathe. Not to mention her DVDs range from step to boot camp to kickboxing to weights to intervals to the list goes on. I like her website too—it has all of her products (and if you sign up for her newsletter you get discount codes!) and a blog that includes recipes, success stories, and tips from Cathe. Thus, fueling my kickboxing addiction, I decided to order her Kick Max DVD, mentally preparing as I pushed the “confirm order” button.

Cathe Kick Max (2008)

Seriously, look at those guns and abs. Wowzers.


Where I Got This DVD: From Cathe’s website
: Approx. 74 mins.
Workouts: Warm Up; Punch Combo #1; PC #2; PC #3; PC #4; Blast Challenge; Leg Conditioning Drills; Stretch
Instructor: Cathe Friedrich
Team: Loraine and Jay

Note: I wore my 1lb. gloves for the Warm Up and Punch Combos. Cathe and her team wear weighted gloves as well for the Punch Combos.

Warm Up:

  • Start with your basic kicks and punches
  • It’s a really good warm up; as usual, it’s nothing slow and comfy – it gets your heart rate up

Punch Combos #1 – #4:

  • All of the combos start with some sort of two-punch combo (double jab, jab-cross, etc.), then Cathe adds another two-punch combo, adds a kick combo to that, and finally adds all three parts together to complete one punch combo
  • She doesn’t give much instruction or warning of what’s coming next, so you have to pay attention and pick it up and she goes
  • Kicks involve some turning/pivoting

Blast Challenge:

  • Moves include: jumping jacks with jumps, zigzag jumps, jump tucks, jump kicks, and some jump squats—there are 10 total blasts
  • Holy intense and sweaty—these moves are all high-impact, most involving some sort of jumping
  • I didn’t use the gloves for this section

Leg Conditioning Drills:

  • Need a chair—stand on each side a total of 4 times and do 2 or 3 moves on each side, each time for a total of 8-10 moves per side
  • Static drills—side kicks and leg extensions with leg starting up at hip level
  • Goober, my legs were burning, especially my booty near the end

—Pretty self-explanatory

Instructor: Cathe is her usual self; she’s totally ripped and makes every move look easy and seamless, but she isn’t very good at cueing you into the next move, you have to pick it up and jump in as she goes. Nonetheless, she makes you work and you’re motivated to do so, especially when you’re staring at her ripped arms and abs.
Moves: Jabs, crosses, upper cuts, hooks, hammers, squats, kicks (front, back, and side), and some isolated, controlled kicking moves.
Best Workout: I really enjoyed the whole thing, but I would say I will probably due the Punch Combos more often than the Leg Conditioning Drills.
Intensity Level: Intermediate to Advanced
Buy It?: If you’re a beginner to kickboxing, I would suggest you pass on this, mostly because Cathe doesn’t do a very good job of teaching/cueing you. If you kickbox on a regular basis? Honestly, even though I liked this DVD and I love kickboxing, it wasn’t my favorite. It’s almost too choreographed, too combination-heavy. I guess I’m used to Billy Blanks and his simple moves, but this just became too structured. If you’re expanding your DVD collection and need a good mix of low, medium, and high-impact workouts all on one DVD, then this is for you. In the end, though, as much as I like Cathe’s workouts, I’m not sure this is worth the money despite being a good workout and a good break-into-pieces DVD.


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