Pilates Body Band Challenge (2006)… and a Funny Article You Should Read

Posted: March 22, 2011 in Articles, DVD Reviews

Before I jump into today’s DVD review, I have to talk about this article that was published by the Washington Post about how men and women exercise differently. All I have to say to that is get real and you can stop trying to stereotype men and women anytime now. This article is just… annoying. Between my fav new blogger Charlotte of The Great Fitness Experiment and I, we’ll break it down for you.

Charlotte’s summary:

  1. Men think exercise alone is enough to lose weight while women realize that both diet and exercise are needed.
  2. But men enjoy exercise more. Says Weight Watchers chief scientist Karen Miller-Kovach, “If you’re a woman, you’re looking at being active as a means to have wine with dinner. For guys, to sweat is a badge of honor.” (Charlotte’s note: We just busted this stereotype!)
  3. Women take a series of small steps towards better health while men prefer sweeping changes.
  4. “Women never want to push it. Men want to push it too much.”
  5. Women prefer cardio and fear weight lifting while men love weight lifting and tend to go too heavy with bad form.

My response: HA! What a load of gunk. Let’s go through them:
1. This is bull. All my guy friends know that the first rule is to eat better to lose weight. They’re not that dumb.
2. BS. I love exercise more than most things I do during the day. Knowing I did or will get to exercise is what GETS me through the day. Plus, the majority of runners in this country are women. Why? Because they LIKE it.
3. Yeah, really? How many women vow to stop eating chocolate and sweets, rock laxatives and diet pills, and try crash diets? That’s called a sweeping change.
4. Another HA! I work so much harder than my guy friends when it comes to exercise. (Sorry guys… but you know it’s true.)
5. Though this one is probably the most accurate, it’s partly because women are multi-taskers and you can multi-task better while doing cardio (i.e., watch a show on the treadmill, read a book on the bike, flip through a magazine on the elliptical). However, I’m a huge fan of weight lifting and tell all my gfs that they need to and should do it to really see real weight-loss/body image changes.

So… how many more times do you think we’ll hear these gender stereotypes!? Good gosh, give me a break.

Sorry. Now that I got that out of my system, let’s take a look at a Pilates DVD. (*I’ve been doing a lot of yoga and Pilates lately to supplement my increase in mileage!) I bought this DVD because I like when simple equipment is added to a workout to make it more challenging. So of course I was jazzed when I saw that they make Pilates DVDs with body bands included.

Pilates Body Band Challenge (2006)

Pilates + a Band = Yes, a Challenge

Where I Got This DVD: Bought it from TJ Maxx, I believe (although mine had a different, older cover)
Length: Approx. 50 mins.
Workouts: Program; Bonus
Instructor: Ana Caban

Note: This workout is labeled intermediate and comes with a body band.

Program (Approx. 35-40 mins., not 30 like it says)

  • Start with standing and lying stretches using the band – good stretches
  • Move into classic pilates moves: hundred, roll-up, rock back, leg circles, double-leg stretch, spine stretch, swimming, side-kick series, teasers, mermaid, rowing, a push-up series, and curls and hugs (flies)
  • Ends with more stretching

(Approx. 12-15 mins.)

  • Quick, more arm- and stretch-focused workout
  • There are a few pilates moves that the beginning, but again, it’s mostly stretching

Instructor: Ana’s voice is annoying. She talks too much when doing the moves.
Moves: Good, classic moves that are more challenging with the body band. I liked a few of the newer stretches, too.
Best Workout: The Program is better than the Bonus section, but they’re both decent.
Intensity Level: Intermediate
Buy It?: If you need a Pilates DVD that is more stretch-focused, this DVD is for you. It’s a good mix of stretching and Pilates, and challenging enough to make you work. However, if you’re Pilates-experienced then I would pass on this DVD. It’s nice for a slower/lighter-day workout, but I don’t do it often. I’ve definitely done better routines.


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