Bob Harper: Cardio Conditioning (2010)

Posted: March 17, 2011 in DVD Reviews

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Are you wearing green and planning on grabbing a beer after work? I sure am 🙂

So after the beer, snack foods, and festivities that are St. Patty’s Day (like March Madness – GO SPARTANS!), you may feel like you need to work some of it off. Have no fear, I have the perfect DVD! It’s back to Bob time. After I did the strength DVD, I thought, “What in the world will his cardio DVD be like!?” I got my answer: It still involves weights, it still involves strength, and it’s tough. I sweat. A lot. Not just jumping jacks and jabbing here!

Bob Harper: Cardio Conditioning (2010)

This sexy Biggest Loser trainer means business. Get ready to sweat.

Where I Got This DVD: Christmas present! But again, his DVDs are available at Wal-Mart for $9.
Length: Approx. 84 mins.
Workouts: Cardio Workout; Butt & Balance
Instructor: Bob Harper
Team: Becky, Roxy, and Zack

Cardio Workout (Approx. 61 mins.)

  • Bob intros the DVD with some talking/motivation
  • Warm-up is approx. 4 mins. of stretching – I would’ve liked more non-stretching to warm up with
  • Need to and heavy weights – I used my 3 and 5lb-ers again
  • The team is real people who grunt and sweat – the girls are rockstars, they kick the guy’s butt
  • You get one water break at 17 mins.
  • The last 7-8 mins. is ab-focused followed by 3 mins. of a cool-down
  • Warning: There is jumping, A TON of squats, planks, and push-ups

Butt & Balance (Approx. 23 mins.)

  • He says to use light weights, but I used my 5lbs.
  • Lots of one-legged moves (hence the balance aspect)
  • It’s not a very beginner workout – it’s challenging and good

Instructor: Bob is tough. But it’s tough love. And he says something that as much as it sucks to hear, I’m so glad he says it: “There is no such thing as a 10-minute workout.” Thank you! People look at me and think, “She’s just naturally skinny,” but I work hard for what I’ve got and with Bob’s workout, you’ll work hard and see results.
Moves: It’s all hard – lots of squats and body weight movements, but it works you out so well. The combos are some classic ones, but also a ton of new ones; ones that are cardio-y without having to run in place or do jumping jacks.
Best Workout: Oh man, they’re both amazing. I can’t pick one! They’re different, but both effective.  
Intensity Level: Advanced. But, like I said with the strength one, intermediates can do this workout too, they just shouldn’t be discouraged if they can’t finish it all.
Buy It?: YES! Do it. Between this DVD and the strength one, you’re good to go. It’s a great way to get cardio in that’s different from using a machine and more effective. You have to push to finish it, but once you do, you feel amazing. Like you just completed a marathon or something.


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