Personal Training with Jackie: Crunch Free Xtreme Abs (2010)

Posted: March 15, 2011 in DVD Reviews

After watching Workout!, I fell for Jackie Warner. Not only was she open about her personal life (she’s a lesbian), but the show highlighted the fitness empire she’s been building for years from top-notch gyms, to fitness wear, to DVDs. I admire her whole-heartedly. Not to mention she’s ripped. Have you seen those arms and abs!? I want arms and abs like that. So you can imagine my excitement when I got my hands on this DVD.

Personal Training with Jackie: Crunch Free Xtreme Abs (2010)

Yeah... those abs are pretty much real. It's true.

Where I Got This DVD: From Jackie and Co.! Thanks!
Length: Approx. 32 mins.
Workouts: Standing routine and Floor routine
Instructor: Jackie Warner
Team: Madison and Jerico (not sure on the spelling… but she’s the modifier)

Standing Routine

  • Use 3lb. weights for most of it
  • Very functional exercises that I felt in my legs, arms, shoulders, and core
  • Most of the moves I’ve never done before! Amazing, I know

Floor Routine

  • Tough stuff, man
  • Lots of moves with your body in plank position, which means it’s killer and I needed to modify some things
  • I loved the moves though, lots of them I had never done before or they were new twists to simple moves
  • Moves include: twisting sit-ups with legs to the side with a dumbbell, swimming, supermans, and planks with hip twists
  • It got my whole body moving!

Instructor: Jackie’s ripped. And adorable. And she wears soccer shorts, none of those spandex do-dads. Thank goodness! She’s never too annoying, really explains each move as she does them with you then moves to her models to explain each. She’s also good at explaining what each move works and why it’s effective, which I love. Jackie = awesome.
Moves: Awesome. Amazing. Stuff I’ve never done before, which is pretty impressive since I’ve been around when it comes to workout DVDs.
Best Workout: Oh man, not sure… both!
Worst: Neither
Intensity Level: Beginner to Advanced
Buy It?: Need help toning your core? Want a DVD specifically for your core? Want to stop doing regular crunches whether you’re on your back or standing? Buy this. You won’t be sorry. If you’re looking for a more functional, all-around cardio, strength, yadda-yadda DVD, you can probably pass, though this DVD really does get your entire body working. I recommend it. It rocks.

  1. Now, what kind of “beginner” level are we talking here? I ask because I have the “other” kind of six-pack. Would this be something to work up to, or just to start right off with?

    • Good question. The great thing about Jackie’s workouts is that she has a modifier and her modifier doesn’t use weights and occasionally holds slightly different, less intense poses as well. If you’re a beginner, as in don’t work out a ton and have weaker core strength, the modifier (Jerico) is perfect to follow because she’s still doing the moves, just less hardcore versions.

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