Motivation Monday

Posted: March 7, 2011 in Articles, Music, Online WO Reviews

Busy weekend for me, what about you? Did you get outside if there was sunshine where you were? I did! Even though it was a bit cold, it was beautiful. I always feel clearer and calmer when I take a walk outside. Especially in the cold, actually.

Well it’s the last week of my work’s weight-loss competition and needless to say, I didn’t do as well with clean eating over the course of the 10 weeks as I had hoped. But, I’m human and I didn’t call anything off-limits. I tried to watch portion size and amp up workouts after particularly large eating sessions. Will it pay off? We’ll see on Friday, I guess! I know we all need some motivation for this last week, so here we go.

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Ladies… transforming your bodies isn’t impossible. Sure, these movie stars had help, but again, it’s not impossible and it doesn’t take a team to look like this! Your body is your machine. Check out these Most Memorable Movie (Female) Role Transformations.

Have a big event that you need to slim-down for ASAP? (Like a work party or a weigh-in?) That’s motivation enough to work out, but here are some tips and a workout to help you prepare! Get your water bottle ready.

Do races motivate you? They definitely motivate me. There’s nothing like a little healthy self (and person-to-person) competition. Find a race near you

Music That Makes Me Move:

Quotes to Live By:
“Excellence is not a skill. It is an attitude.”
“Never stop learning.”
“Attitude is everything. Pick a good one.”


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