Foodalicious Friday

Posted: March 4, 2011 in Recipes

It’s official—I have clearance from my physical therapist, the physical therapist at one of the gyms I work out at, and my personal trainer to run this 25K. Not that I really would’ve let any of them stop me, but it’s nice to know they think I’ll be okay. I have revised my training plan and will post that next week with the exercises and stretches my personal trainer gave me. Woo! It’s begun.

Now, TGIF! Let’s talk food.

I found this blog—one of the top nutrition blogs of 2011—and it’s all about food education. I thought it was worth posting because it has some really great articles about foods we think are pretty healthy. Read it and soak up the knowledge.

Now, on to some amazing recipes. Ever heard of Hungry Girl? (Not just for girls, by the way!) Thanks to my friend Jamie, I was turned on to HG’s recipes and wow. Talk about real meals made healthy! Brilliant stuff. Here are some that I like:

Needless to say I think my 25K training will benefit from all of these recipes. What do you think? J

Dig in and have a good weekend!

  1. Woah, Hungry Girl is a great find! ‘Bout freaking time there was a site like that out there for us! I love your Foodalicious Friday posts 🙂

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