Jari Love’s Get Extremely Ripped! Body Rock (2009)

Posted: March 1, 2011 in DVD Reviews

I loved Jari’s first DVD so much that I was pumped to try this one! But what would the dance segments be like? My dancing consists of the sprinkler and lawn rower so this was going to be an interesting challenge…

Jari Love’s Get Extremely Ripped! Body Rock (2009)

Her bra may be glitzy and her pants may be leather on the cover, but this workout is pretty hardcore.

Where I Got This DVD: Was sent it from Jari Love’s people
Length: 75 mins.
Workouts: Hi/Lo and Dance; Weights and Abs; Also has a Ripped Tips section, but it’s not a workout
Instructor: Jari Love
Team: A dance instructor (Angie) and team of 4 others, and a team of 6 that works with Jari

Note: Jari does not lead the dance sections, Angie does. Jari comes on between dance sections to do periods of Hi/Lo intensity exercises. Each dance portion and Hi/Lo section is approximately 3 mins. long each.
Note 2: All sets start with 8 reps, move down to 4, cut in half again to 2, and then end with singles.

Warm Up (Approx. 5 mins.):

  • This section is just Jari working out – side steps, grapevine, knees up, small squats, and a quick stretch

*Combined, the dance and hi/lo segments are approx. 40 mins. long.

Dance Segments:

  • Salsa, Latin, Jazz, Disco, Funky, and Hip Hop
  • You learn a few moves individually and then put them together
  • Angie goes a little too fast for me and some of the moves were complicated, so I ended up focusing on my feet as opposed to getting the arm movements right too
  • I wasn’t very great at these dance segments and it was frustrating
  • The ones I could do the easiest/best were the Funky and Hip Hop segments because they were more exercise-y with ab rotations and squats

Hi/Lo Segments:

  • Alternating Knees and Heels, Jacks, Guitar Knee, Heel Kicks, Knees Up, Heels Up
  • Do a lot of bouncing incorporating your arms, high knees, and heels to butt – more high-impact moves for sure
  • These segments definitely got my heart rate up and my forehead sweating

Weights and Abs (Approx. 30 mins.)

  • Like Jari’s other DVD I reviewed, at the beginning of each workout it shows the weight used by each person in the group
  • There is a 30-sec. clock that appears at the end of each move, giving you an idea of how much time is left
  • Start with squats and dead lifts
  • Move on to chest and tricep moves while on the ground – something Jari says that I really liked was, “When it gets tough we say yes!”
  • Next are back and trunk moves – holy squat pulses! I would suggest using only 5lb.-weights for this segment if you lift regularly
  • Work into bicep and shoulders – I suggest having heavy and light weights because biceps can usually handle heavier weights than the shoulders
  • Finish with ab moves – some new and classic moves – very good

Cool Down (Approx. 5 mins.) – Stretch

Instructor: Angie isn’t my favorite and I found it interesting that she seemed to get very winded with just a few minutes worth of dancing. She went through her moves too quickly and was confusing. I wasn’t a fan. Jari, however, is encouraging and hardcore as usual. She makes everything look easy, which makes you want to push through the pain to prove you can do it too. She never gets too annoying, but definitely has her moments of corny comments. Overall, she’s cool and I don’t mind working out with her/listening to her.
Moves: A great mix of new and classic moves in each section.
Best Workout: The Weights and Abs segment. I did like the Hi/Lo segments too.
Worst: The Dance segments. I have no rhythm.
Intensity Level: Beginner to Advanced.
Buy It?: Well, the great thing about this DVD is that it has something for all workout levels. There are modifications for every segment, except the dancing, but like me, you can cut out the arms and just focus on the foot movements. I like how there’s high intensity cardio because that’s what burns fat best, followed by a weights segment that targets all muscle groups in a orderly fashion. I thought the DVD was well-organized and easy to break into chunks if you can’t work out to the entire thing at once. I would by this DVD is you are interested in dance exercises but still want a well-rounded workout. If you’re a fan of mixing and matches workouts and DVDs, then this DVD could be perfect for you, too. I suggest renting it before you buy it!


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