P90X Ab Ripper X

Posted: February 23, 2011 in DVD Reviews

I have seen the P90X informercials about a half dozen times – essentially every weekend morning. (Maybe b/c watching fitness informercials is a hobby of mine…) I’ve always wondered if the DVDs worked, which I’m sure they do when used all together coupled with a low-calorie, healthy diet, but I also wondered how they would be individually, as supplements to a varied workout routine. Enter me and a few of the P90X DVDs, not the entire collection.

A note on the P90X system before I start reviewing it: P90X really is a DVD collection/workout system for any intensity level and most every workout level. If you’re brand new to exercise (like all you’ve done recently is walk), then I would use some other workout DVDs first before you move on to P90X. If you’ve been working out 3-5 days/week for a good 8-10 weeks already, then I’d say you can rock P90X with some comfort. It’s not easy at any intensity/workout level, but you can do it at any level. That’s one of the things I really like about this system – there are 2-4 modifications per exercise! So if you’re a badass, there’s a high intensity version for you; if you’re a beginner, there’s a modification for you, too! So don’t fear, you can do it. Just be aware that it’s not easy, you may have to pause and break, but getting through a P90X DVD is an accomplishment and you feel yourself getting stronger.

OK, now let’s go. I’m starting w/ the Ab Ripper DVD b/c I haven’t reviewed an abs DVD in a while… Enjoy!

P90X Ab Ripper X


The oh-so-popular P90X system.


Length: Approx. 16 mins. (10-12 mins. of actual exercises)
Workout: 11 moves, approx. 25 reps each
Instructor: Tony Horton
Team: Tony and 3 people – 2 men and 1 woman 

The move’s name and the time allotted for each is always at the bottom of the screen – in fact, there’s a running clock counting down the whole workout, which is kind of nice.

There are always 1-3 ways to do each move, from the easiest to hard to hardest. Warning: The easiest doesn’t necessarily mean it’s easy! The moves are great; they are all slight variations of common, popular ab/core moves. You do in-and-outs or inch-worms, Russian twists (side-to-side twists), lower ab moves where you have your legs straight up toward the ceiling and you lift your butt up, some boat-like sit-ups, and variations of the bicycle.

Overall, it’s a great supplement to any workout. It’s not super long, but it’s tough and core-focused. (For example, I added it to the end of my Jillian Michaels’ Cardio Kickbox DVD.) If you want new ab moves, get this DVD!

Instructor: Tony Horton is 50-something and ripped. His program obviously works, but it’s intense and he talks a lot. There isn’t really any music so feel free to turn the volume a little lower, loud enough to hear him explain the technique, but quiet enough to tune him out.
Moves: Classic moves with crazy hard twists.
Best Workout: Not sure what it’s called, but you lie on your back with your legs straight. You raise one foot an inch or two off the ground and the other as straight toward the ceiling as you can. You switch only when he says the next number. You feel it deep by 15 or so. Simple and effective.
Worst: Inch-worm/in-and-out – I’ve just done it so many times.
Intensity Level: All levels, but I definitely found it challenging
Buy It?: You need to try it if you can. I don’t necessarily know if I’d recommend going out of your way to get just this one DVD, but it is a good one. I love adding it to the end of my routine to push my body just a bit farther. But let’s be honest, the whole P90X system is challenging and sweat-inducing.

  1. woznr13 says:

    “Worst: Inch-worm/in-and-out – I’ve just done it so many times.”

    Now, as someone that could use the ab work, is this just a bad move in general, or was it just boring to you because you’ve done it so many times?

    • It isn’t a bad move by any means – I do it when I go to the gym and balance on the weight bench. I just look for new, unusual, different ab moves when I try ab-specific DVDs. So it was mostly that I was unimpressed by it, not that it doesn’t work.

  2. Ahh, I see. Good information to have.

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