The Thursday of Truths

Posted: February 17, 2011 in Articles

Also known as Thirsty Thursday. Which is still cool, just drink up on these three healthly beverages: water, green tea, and coffee. (Preferably from greatest amount to least amount in that order.) Today I debated on whether or not I should do a DVD review or break out some links. I decided on links because I found a ton of good ones yesterday, both male- and female-relevant. Indulge in the knowledge, friends.

It’s cold season (I just got over an unfun one)… so should you work out if you have one? Answer.

My friend Alex is training for a triathlon sponsored by The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and needs help fundraising! I know you don’t know him, but take it from me—he’s awesome. He not only loves soccer, but he hails from England (accent, ladies 😉 ) and lives in the awesomeness that is San Francisco. He works for Google, has a hilariously cool British girlfriend named Lara, favors the Arsenal Gunners, and this is his first triathlon. He even shared his tri training schedule with me if anyone’s interested. (I may be posting it with an “interview” of sorts on his experiences after the race because I’m way interested in triathlons.) But! Back to the present, please check out his page and help him out—every dollar counts. 

The Truth Behind 5 Food Myths. I learned a few things.

People need motivation to move it and lose it. (Just like you and I do.) What can you do in your family, workplace, or community to inspire others to get healthy? Here’s one woman who’s done a lot!  

What’s the calorie count in your sushi roll? Dun dun dun! Check out the Sushi Roll Selector – it goes from best/lowest calorie choices to worst/highest calories. (Either way, I’m still a big sucker for sushi!)

And, last but not least for the day (I don’t want to overwhelm you), here are some blurbs from Dave Zinczenko’s Twitter feed  (He’s the Editor-in-Chief of Men’s Health magazine):

  • PEPSI DE-GENERATION? Some caramel food colorings used in colas may cause cancer, says new CSPI report.
  • BERRY GOOD NEWS: Lower your Parkinson’s risk by eating apples, berries, grapefruits & oranges, says new Harvard study.
  • A STRONGER HEART: Drink 5+ glasses of water a day to help lower heart disease risk up to 60%, says Loma Linda U study
  • HEALTH MYTH: Diet soda isn’t better. A can/day doubles your obesity risk. Use soda just to get rust off a shovel.
  • RELAXING BREAKFAST: Fried eggs produce proteins that can keep your blood pressure from rising, says Canadian study.
  • WHAT WINNERS KNOW: “It’s not the most powerful animal that survives. It’s the most efficient”-UFC champ George St-Pierre
  • EAT RIGHT RULE: Get breakfast at home. Having this meal out doubles your odds of obesity, says U of Mass study.
  • WINGS OR CHILI? Chili. 6 wings set you back nearly 600 calories–BEFORE the blue cheese bath. Chili saves 300 calories!
  • IMPORTANT! What’s the #1 symptom this doctor checks in the E.R.? Belly fat. Here’s why.
  • 20 TERRIBLE FOODS: Beat the battle of the bulge by avoiding these destructive dishes.

I hope you learned a few things – I definitely did! I’ll be back tomorrow with some recipes! Smile, it’s almost Friday 🙂


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