Bob Harper – Pure Burn, Super Strength (2010)

Posted: February 10, 2011 in DVD Reviews

Came home from work sick today. Not fun. You know I’m sick when I sleep in and skip a workout.

Nonetheless, I have a DVD I want to share with you. I was really excited when I heard that Bob had his own line of DVDs out. Jillian’s had a bunch for a while and they’re good, but I always secretly wanted Bob to be my trainer. So how would his workouts stack up against Jill’s? Let’s just say that the music playing during the menu portion is an indication of how tough the workout is going to be…

Bob Harper – Pure Burn, Super Strength (2010) 

Bob kicks it up 10 notches - be prepared to sweat

Where I Got This DVD: Got it for Christmas, but Wal-Mart has his DVDs for $9! Totally worth it.
Length: Approx. 87 mins.
Workouts: Beginner Strength; Workout
Instructor: Bob Harper
Team: Stephanie, Ellen, and Francisco 

Beginner Strength (Approx. 20 mins.)

  • I would definitely do this workout first before you try the hour-long session; you can get used to Bob’s moves and see how he transitions
  • Start with stretching for approx. 4 mins.
  • Strength portion approx. 15 mins. – work arms, then legs, arms, then legs, back and forth – I used 5lb. weights
  • Quick water break at about 5:30 mins. before end with push-ups and abs
  • Cool-down approx. 1 mins.

Workout (Approx. 67 mins.)

  • First 5 mins. is the warm-up; Last 8 mins. consists of planks/abs and a cool-down
  • I had both 3 and 5lb. weights – definitely switched between the two sets
  • Be aware! Bob doesn’t often say how many reps you’ll be doing, he uses seconds to tell you how much longer you have
  • The move and a clock are both in a bar at the bottom of the screen
  • Good thing: The models/team are sweating, struggling, and even stopping at some points – so you’re not alone!
  • Warning: You do a high number of reps – some moves you do 20-50 reps per side
  • Best move: Start with each of these moves individually then combine them into one sequence – bicep curl – shoulder press – squat – plank – push-up – jump feet in

Instructor: Bob is nothing like I thought he would be. He’s super tough, he pushes you, and his moves are killer. He makes you want to finish this workout, and just plain makes you finish this workout.
Moves: Classic combos mixed with quite a few new combos that are great – you would move than one muscle at once.
Best Workout: The Workout is hardcore. And I mean hardcore. P90X ain’t got nothin’ on this workout.
Worst: No worst! They’re both great.
Intensity Level: Advanced. By all means, intermediates can do this too, you may just have to pause and/or stop and modify more, which there’s nothing wrong with!
Buy It?: YES! BUY THIS DVD! I love this DVD. I will admit that it feels long, but only because you’re working your entire body to the point of collapse. I have to fight to get through it, but when I do, I feel like Superwoman. This DVD will make you fitter, stronger, and more athletic. It’s awesome.


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