Billy’s Bootcamp – Ab Bootcamp (2005)

Posted: February 9, 2011 in DVD Reviews

Long Wednesday? Realize it’s only Wednesday? Have no fear, it’s Billy time! And he has a bootcamp, people. (Which I will be reviewing all of – stay tuned!) It’s complete with camo clothing and some military counting. Get ready to work those abs without lying on the ground the entire time.

Billy’s Bootcamp – Ab Bootcamp (2005) 

An atypical ab workout = all-over results

Length: Approx. 35 mins.
Workout: Ab bootcamp
Instructor: Billy Blanks!
Team: Familiar faces – his daughter Shellie and a few others 

Format/My Opinion:

  • Not just abs! This is a total body, cardio workout too
  • Start with standing ab work – some usual BB moves with deep squats and trunk rotations as the in-between move
  • There is an awkward hip squeeze part that doesn’t require to use your leg or knee, which feels a little weird until you actually engage like Billy is telling you to, then you feel it
  • Ends with floor ab work like inch worms, side sit-ups, bicicles and some new ab moves I’ve never done
  • I got tired by the end, but the midriff-bearing instructors kept me motivated
  • Billy ends with a short motivational speech and some stretching

Where I Got This DVD: Borrowed it from my girl, Michelle!
Instructor: Billy is great at keeping your heart rate up while still keeping the focus on your abs.
Moves: Good stuff! I like the standing ab moves, like I said, my heart rate is up and my abs are working. The floor work is a perfect mix or classic and new.  
Best Move: Lie down on your back, feet stretched out, pick your shoulders off the ground and reach toward your toes and pulse, never resting your shoulders on the ground. Hold up with abs contracted, then pulse up higher from there. Hold up higher after a few sets of 8 and pulse again. OUCH! But a good, holy-abs ouch.
Worst Move: Least favorite move is the hip squeeze thing just because it feels and looks a little awkward.
Intensity Level: Beginner to Intermediate – I definitely think it’s moving toward Intermediate, but don’t be intimidated!
Buy It?: I’ll have to finish the whole bootcamp series to have a final say, but I do like this DVD. It was a great variation of my normal ab routine and a great addition to my normal routine. It went by super fast and there’s nothing like a little Billy to get you through your workout and your day. So if you like Billy and need a good, quick addition to your workout, try this!

  1. Thanks for the shout-out! Whoop!

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