Super Bowl Recipes and A Quick DVD Review

Posted: February 6, 2011 in DVD Reviews, Recipes

I feel bad that I only posted one recipe – and nothing WOW! at that – on Friday, so here are some links to a few other healthy recipes that would be perfect for tonight’s Super Bowl get-together instead of ordering pizza.

Black Bean Burrito Bake

Chicken Fajita Roll-Ups

Two-Bean Vegetarian Chili

Easy to make, easy to pass around, delicious, and nutritious. Game on!

Now for a quick DVD review. Don’t you feel lucky? You should 🙂

Billy Blanks Tae Bo – Foundation & Energy (2004)

Learn the basics of kickboxing with the master - Billy Blanks


I had never heard of this BB video before, so why not? Let’s explore!

Where I Got This DVD: Rented it from the movie store (free fitness DVDs, woo!)
Length: Approx. 113 mins.
Workouts: Foundation Upper Body; Foundation Lower Body; Energy Workout
Instructor: Billy Blanks
Team: Shellie, Julianne, and a bunch of other Tae Bo-ers

Foundation Upper Body

  • Very how-to segment – slow and instructional
  • How to do punches, crosses, upper-cuts, and hooks

Foundation Lower Body

  • Very how-to – same as Upper Body segment
  • How to do front, side, and back kicks

Energy Workout

  • Starts and ends with a stretch
  • Short, basic workout
  • Takes the moves from the Foundation workouts and speeds them up and puts them into combos – some of the combos are classic BB moves, some were new!

Instructor: Billy is still Billy, despite the slower, shorter, lighter-intensity of the workout. His teaching side comes out more in this DVD because it is an instructional, energy-focused workout.
Moves: Classic jabs, crosses, hooks, upper-cuts, front, side, and back kicks – each on their own and in combos.
Best Workout: The Energy Workout.
Worst: I wasn’t a fan of the Foundation Workouts, but that was because I knew how to correctly do each move so it was unnecessary and too slow for me.
Intensity Level: Beginner
Buy It?: Are you just getting into exercise? Want to learn the basics of kickboxing? New to Billy Blanks? Transitioning for the first time into workout DVDs? Then you’ll like this DVD. It’s basic, instructional, and informational. You definitely get a workout, but it’s not the usual Billy’s-kicking-my-booty-and-making-me-sweat-buckets workout. I wouldn’t buy this DVD for myself because it’s a little too basic, but again, if you’re just getting into exercise or kickboxing (or again, BB), this is a good place to start.


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