10 Minute Solution – Workouts to Shape Up Your Whole Body (1999)

Posted: February 2, 2011 in DVD Reviews

Did those of you in the target areas survive Blizzard 2011? I did here in Michigan… though it was a rough morning. I woke up at my usual 4:45am to work out, just in case we didn’t get as much snow as predicted. Two hours and a shower later, the news was warning me to not go on the roads unless absolutely necessary. Oh dear. Sure enough, when I went outside to see what was surrounding my car, I was greeted with drifts of snow up to 2-3ft. tall! I proceeded to dig my car out and, with the help of my gracious neighbor, dug a path for my car to get out so I could get to work (didn’t want to waste personal time!). I got to work safely – after getting stuck once, that is – and the day flew. Because not only did I survive Blizzard 2011, but my sister Rachel is in labor with her first baby! I’m very excited to be an auntie again and am giddily awaiting the arrival of my niece this evening.

To pass the time, how about a DVD review? Since I love my 10 Minute Solution Pilates DVD, I thought I’d try another one.

10 Minute Solution – Workouts to Shape Up Your Whole Body (1999)

Another One of the Many 10 Minute Solution DVDs!

Length: 52 mins.
Workouts: Five 10-min. workouts
Instructor: Michelle Nevidomsky

Things I noticed right away: Be prepared, the room is tacky! It looks like an office lobby with beige and green carpets and a fake city landscape in the window. Giggle-worthy.

Note: All routines end with one or two stretches.

First Segment: Boot Camp

  • Need 3-8 lb. dumbbells and a chair – I used 5 lbs. and my couch arm
  • Moves: side to side movements, jumps, high knees, squats, lunges, tricep and bicep work, pushups, sit-ups
  • My favorite move: a sit up where you sit up, twist left, twist right, sit up higher, lower down, and repeat
  •  The choreography is fast and time goes by quickly

Second Segment: Pilates

  • Not the usual/current pilates moves I was used to, but they were refreshing and very ab-focused
  • The recognizable move: hundreds
  • Some movements are very fast and the transitions are fast

Third Segment: Ballet

  • You need a chair
  • The choreography is fast without a lot of reps
  • Moves include: plies, calf raises, kicking
  •  The instructor uses ballet jargon
  • Works glutes and legs well – there are good toning exercises at end and I could feel it in my abs

Fourth Segment: Kickboxing

  • I was most looking forward to this workout, but it disappointed
  • Michelle reminded me of Kathy Smith, only more annoying
  • She had HORRIBLE punching, hooking, upper cutting, and kicking technique
  • The choreography and combos were bad – it wasn’t fun and it was too hurried

Fifth Segment: Yoga

  • I was least looking forward to this workout
  • It was slow, boring, and more stretching than yoga
  • Michelle did traditional moves even a non-yogi like me knew: stretching, cat, downward dog, warrior, cobra, child’s pose, and lots of breathing

Where I Got This DVD: Rented it from the library
Instructor: Michelle was good with the pilates and ballet, but not so much with the others. Her energy was meh and her hurried poses were frustrating.
Workouts: Not very challenging for someone who wants to break a sweat when they work out.
Moves: Nothing new and exciting. A few ballet moves were good toners and I like the pilates moves, but the rest were overdone and not high-energy enough.
Best Workout: Pilates
Worst: Kickboxing
Fitness Level: Beginner
Overall: Buy this DVD if you’re just starting off with exercise and want to learn some well-rounded, basic moves and are short on time. If you’re a more experienced exerciser, don’t bother.


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