10 Minute Solution – Rapid Results Pilates (2006)

Posted: January 20, 2011 in DVD Reviews

Did everyone see The Biggest Loser the other night!? They finally revealed the new trainers and, once again, the blogosphere got it right. Interesting how the new guy has all of these professional degrees in PT and the new girl is just a former pro boxer with no fancy degrees or certifications to her name… I found that odd.

On to a personal favorite DVD of mine! You excited? You should be.

10 Minute Solution – Rapid Results Pilates (2006)

You get 5 serious workouts in just 10 mins. each! It's the real deal!

Just like the title says, each workout is 10 mins. long. No more complaining that you don’t have time to work out! Each of these workouts is short and totally hardcore, but in a good way.

Where I Got This DVD: I bought it a while ago… from Walmart, maybe? It was no more than $10
Length: Approx. 55 mins.
Workouts: Super Toned Buns and Thighs; Arm and Shoulder Shaper; Waist Slimmer; Total Body Blast; Slim and Sleek Stretch
Instructor: Lara Hudson

Note: Make sure you have some decently padded carpet for a pilates/yoga mat.

Super Toned Buns and Thighs:

  • Lying on your back – parallel frogs, bridges with leg variations
  • On your side and hands and feet – side kicks , developed peles (sp?)
  • On feet – squats and pulses
  • Short sets of each move – usual and new pilates moves
  • You feel it in your legs and core

Arm and Shoulder Shaper:

  • Need light weights – 1-3lbs. (I use my 3lbs.)
  • The first few moves you do in succession – lots of little pulses – really feel it!
  • Moves: the saw, twisting bicep curls, bicep pumps, flies, rowing and tricep work, thigh stretch with arm circle
  • Feel it all over again – core, arms, even legs

Waist Slimmer:

  • Great segment!
  • Starts with regular, slow situps and works into fun, challenging core blasters
  • Really feel it in core
  • Moves: hundreds, single- and double-leg stretch, toe taps, coordination crunches, side twists, hip circles

Total Body Blast:

  • This segment has more well-known moves like the single- and double-leg stretch, roll-over combo, star, snake twist (also known as cobra), planks and down dogs, swimming, and end with tricep tabletops
  • Such a great workout! It heats up my whole body and gets my heart rate up

Slim and Seek Stretch:

  • The mermaid, which I’m not a fan of, was not the usual mermaid! It was a lot better stretch
  • New stretches – my whole body worked and stretched
  • I didn’t get bored like I usually do when I just stretch

Instructor: Lara’s awesome. She never raises her voice nor gets annoying. She tells you how to do each move, when to breathe, how to breathe, and how long to hold each. Not to mention she’s pretty ripped in the I-do-pilates-and-yoga-all-of-the-time way.
Moves: Awesome stuff. This was one of my first pilates DVDs and the moves are still classic, but challenging.
Best Workout: The Total Body Blast. It really is a total body blast.
Worst: None of them! They all rock.
Intensity Level: Any and all levels. Like I said, I started with it and have moved up a few “levels” since.
Buy It?: YES! This is my favorite pilates DVD. Of all of the pilates DVDs I own and have tried, this is still my go-to pilates workout. If I have 10 mins. or 50, I can work out to this DVD. Lara’s awesome, the moves are great, and my whole body is worked without have to jump, punch, kick, or run.

  1. Excellent! I’ve been looking for one of these – a 10 min. workout, the pilates part is a plus! I’m excited to try it 🙂

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