Motivation Monday

Posted: January 11, 2011 in Articles, Music

Happy Monday! I hope you had a nice weekend – some crazy weather around the country, eh? Not too bad here in Michigan… it was actually sunny and quite nice out today when Michelle and I took a walk during lunch. Some exciting news on my end – I’ve registered to get my Group Exercise Certification! I take the class in about 2 months and then I can finally teach classes at the gym! I’m really excited and a bit nervous too (I’m not a bit science fan…).

Moving on to the good stuff. Like Foodalicious Fridays, I’m turning Mondays into Motivation Mondays, which will include music, quotes, and some little tidbits that will help motivate you to have a great week full of strength and sweat.

The Power of Music – Fact: Studies have shown that listening to music that syncs with your movements provides a better workout than exercising without tunes. (Fitness magazine, January 2011) For this first week of motivational music, I’m going to introduce you to a little band called Basshunter. Kelsey confession: I love techno music. So Basshunter fits my music and workout style perfectly! They have great running, high-energy beats.

  1. Now You’re Gone by Basshunter
  2. All I Ever Wanted by Basshunter
  3. Dota Ana by Basshunter
  4. Walk on Water by Basshunter

Add a few of those to your playlist and you’ll be moving to the beat – even in your car (yes, I do!).

Some Motivational Quotes to keep your mind strong – and your face smiling (compliments of Fitness magazine):

  1. “Exercise improves my inner beauty.”
  2. “Does this shirt make my butt look big?”
  3. “Be proud! You did something today to nourish your mind, body, and soul. Way to go!”
  4. “Your inner beauty is far more valuable than any number on a scale.”
  5. And my favorite: “Beauty is strength and sweat.”

Calorie King! How much are my favorite foods costing me in the calorie department?

  1. Medium apple: 70 cal.
  2. Medium avocado: 160 cal.
  3. Medium banana: 105 cal.
  4. Medium clementine: 35 cal.
  5. 24-28 plain, whole almonds: 170 cal.
  6. 1 Tbsp. peanut butter: 105 cal.
  7. Regular cup of coffee (no cream or sugar): 5 cal.
  8. 1 Dove chocolate miniature: 45 cal.
  9. Medium bell pepper: 30 cal.
  10. 1 c. chopped carrots: 50 cal.
  11. Individual serving of Minute Rice (brown): 170 cal.
  12. 1/2 c. Rosarita refied beans (traditional): 120 cal.

Need more motivation to eat better? Ever wanted to try organic food but not sure what to get? Read this! Men’s Health did an article on the 20 Best Organic Foods.

I’ll be back to reviewing DVDs tomorrow!

  1. Martin says:

    Breaking out the Basshunter already? That either means you’re making a splash, or must have some really, really good song.

    Either way, I like it. Keep up the good work.

  2. Greta Lindquist says:

    Basshunter. You would. Slash I already downloaded the two songs you suggested that I didn’t have, and Now You’re Gone is still first on my workout mix šŸ™‚

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