Billy Blanks Tae Bo – 10th Anniversary Deluxe Edition – Ultimate Tae Bo (2007)

Posted: January 11, 2011 in DVD Reviews

The first of many Billy Blanks' DVDs to be reviewed!


Length: Approx. 121 mins.
Workouts: Ultimate Tae Bo; Turbo Charged Fat Burner
Instructor: Billy Blanks!
Team: Some familiar faces – his daughter Shellie, and Julianne, and 8-12 others 

Note: I usually wear my 1-lb. weighted gloves or 2-lb. squishy hand weights for Billy’s workouts, though I sometimes take them off because it gets too hard.
Side Note: Kickboxing is awesome after a rough day. Angry? Frustrated? Kickbox with Billy. Sure he’s a bit annoying, but the punching, kicking, and constant bouncing on your toes is a cranky-mood cure!

Ultimate Tae Bo (Approx. 90 mins.)

  • This workout is broken into two segments – the first hour and then the last half an hour
  • The usual: sets of 8 of jabs, crosses, standing ab work, squats and kicks, speed bags, twisting, machine gun kicks
  • Minutes 46-53 get a little… weird… Billy starts to dance, like tootsie roll, freestyle – it’s a bit odd for Billy, but funny and I totally break out (I’m alone doing this anyways so who cares!?)
  • The main thing this workout lacks is kicking. Billy’s other DVDs seem to have a lot of squatting and kicking in them, but this one doesn’t.
  • The workout is high-energy and BB shows you how to do each move slower at first and then picks it up
  • Ends with some BB motivational speech and tai-chi-ish stretching

Turbo Charged Fat Burner (Approx. 30 mins.)

  • The DVD lies – it’s not 23 minutes
  • Half of the “class” uses an amplifier – this stick-thing, but I just use the weights – the other half of the class did the workout without either.
  • Billy goes pretty quickly in this workout because I think he assumes you’ve been a BB fan and follower for a while – it took me one or so go-throughs to feel comfy with it, but it’s great now
  • Sets of 8 again – slower at first then faster, “amp it up” sets
  • BB talks a lot, per usual, teetering on the line between motivational and annoying
  • Billy talks a lot and counts and does his “Come on” with every rep occasionally, so it gets a bit annoying. And you can’t hear the music very much in the background, but in all honesty, you get used to both (Billy’s talking and the lack of music) quickly.

Where I Got This DVD: Meijer for $9, I believe
Instructor: Billy is Billy – he wears out-there, tight outfits that are awesomely entertaining (he rocks some bright Jamacian , he talks a lot trying to sound motivational, but his energy and focus is cool.
Moves: Not bad for a 30-min. quick kickboxing workout. I personally enjoy all of the punching (goodbye stress!) and there are some new moves I hadn’t done with BB before, but I do wish there was more kicking.
Best Workout: They’re both amazing. The shorter Turbo Charged Workout is fast and fun, though.
Worst: The only part I giggle at is in the first workout – the long one – there’s a point where Billy has you free-style dance. Yes, really. You just shake it however you want. At first I just stared incredulously at the TV, but laughed it off and did it. It was fun, but I was thankful it didn’t go on for very long.
Intensity Level: Intermediate – can make it Advanced with hand-weights
Buy It?: Like kickboxing? Then yes. With two workouts – one longer, one shorter – it’s perfect to do by itself, mix and match with each other, or pair with another workout. Not to mention when you get better at it you can break the workouts down further. I’ve done a lot of kickboxing workouts, but Billy’s are always the best.

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  2. exelente dvd lo mejor

  3. Chris says:

    This is a great video for getting your heart rate up and getting the body moving.

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