Jillian Michaels’ The Biggest Winner: Cardio Kickbox (2006)

Posted: January 7, 2011 in DVD Reviews

Jillian has a set of 5 workout DVDs titled THE BIGGEST WINNER. They are all 20-30 mins. long and focus on a few specific areas of the body. I recommend buying the whole set, but will break them down individually.

Cardio Kickbox is the only all-cardio DVD and is the shortest. Each DVD begins with Jillian’s story, which is interesting if you’ve never heard it. She also explains each DVD/workout, but I fast-forward through both of those. Each DVD also starts with a warm-up and ends with a quick cool down. 

Jillian Michaels’ The Biggest Winner: Cardio Kickbox (2006)


Kick, punch, jump rope, and stare at Jillian's abs!


Where I Got This DVD: Bought it off Amazon (her entire set of 5 DVDs)
Length: Approx. 20-25 mins. (Sorry, no exact time!)
Workout: 2 circuits of repeating the same set of moves twice
Instructor: Jillian
Team: All 6 members for this one – “the full crew” as Jill says – 3 men, 3 women; Erin does the modified version, which is easier

Note: To amp it up a bit, I wear/hold some sort of weights in my hands. I have a 1lb. pair of gloves I’ve worn, I have 2lb. hand squishy hand weights, and 3lb. small dumbbells, which I also really like to use. This gets my heart rate up a bit faster and keeps it up while toning my arms a little more than just doing the moves weight-free.

I’m not going to lay out the specifics of this workout because it doesn’t have specific sections.

Warm-Up: 4 moves, 20 reps each

  • It’s a good warm-up, I like it and it gets me ready to go

Two Circuits:

  • Both circuits include some mix of jump rope (without the rope), punching or throwing shoulder-focused uppercuts, side kicks and lunges, front kicks and lunges, fast feet and/or jumping jacks, and standing ab work

I love kickboxing. It’s my favorite workout because it kicks my butt, makes me feel totally strong, and the idea of punching something gets all of my stress and frustration out. This isn’t the best kickboxing DVD I have (wait until we get to the guru, Billy Blanks!), but it’s a good one for a new-to-kickboxing, lower-intensity, vary-up-the-workout kickboxing routine. I also enjoy pairing this DVD with another one of Jill’s Biggest Winner DVDs for an all-around workout.

Jill goes slow enough at first, but picks up the pace and almost goes a little too fast at times, but it gets easier to follow the more you do it. Once you get used to the workout, you can eliminate the small breaks Jill includes between moves to chit-chat and explain what’s next. I’ve done it so many times now that instead of doing the 10 or 20 or whatever reps, I try to do an extra 5-10 for each move.

Instructor: Jillian is Jillian. Ever seen the show “The Biggest Loser”? She’s not quite as intense as she is on the show – she’s more encouraging here – but  she’s still hardcore and a bit annoying. She makes some unnecessary comments, but I’m too focused to really worry about it. She is an inspiration though – she always wears belly-baring shirts and her flat 6-pack keeps me motivated! She knows what she’s doing.
Moves: The moves are varied. I like that I’m not just kicking one round, punching the next, and doing abs the next. Each circuit is a bit of each, which is nice. She incorporates some BA standing ab-work too.
Best Workout: The whole thing is pretty good.
Worst: This isn’t a workout aspect, but the music isn’t really good. But like Jill’s comments, I don’t really care and/or think about it.
Intensity Level: All levels! Beginners can start with this, the Middle group can maintain with this, and the more Advanced cats can rock it w/ weights.
Buy It?: Buy this (we’re talking separate from the series it’s in) if you want a quick kickboxing workout DVD and/or you’ve never really done kickboxing and want to get into it. But I say if you’re going to buy it, but her DVD set because it’s a good workout to pair this with one of the weight interval DVDs (to be reviewed!).

  1. Martin says:

    I know that Holly enjoys kickboxing, but hasn’t been able to go/find many places that do it. I’ll have to check this out for her.

  2. If there was a “Like” button for this one I would be hitting it!

  3. Holly Woessner says:

    I tried this DVD today and it kicked my butt. I loved how she kept moving from one move to the other to really maximize the workout. I think this is one Martin and I will need to invest in!

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