5-Day Fit Pilates (2009)

Posted: January 4, 2011 in DVD Reviews

Sorry everyone, this is a bit longer today because the DVD has 5 workouts!

Preface: I got into pilates about a year ago after I read a ton of stories about the body-changing benefits people experienced from it. Then pilates became a way for me to work out and become stronger all over after I tore my ACL and had surgery last December. It’s made me stronger and fitter in a different way, not quite like some of the success stories boast, but it’s a very challenging form of exercise and I recommend it to any and all.

So here we go. I did over an hour of pilates this morning to be able to finish this DVD to review it today! We shall see if I feel it tomorrow…

5-Day Fit Pilates (2009)

5 workouts for 5 days of fitness

Where I Got This DVD: Meijer, I believe it was $9
Length: Approx. 124 mins.
Workouts: Easy Pilates, Maintenance Pilates for Weight Loss, Cardio Pilates, AM Pilates, PM Pilates
Instructor: Mostly Ana Caban 

Note: Do NOT follow the time estimations on the case. They are all wrong. Some by quite a bit.
Note 2: Gaiam is a great fitness brand. They put out numerous pilates and yoga DVDs and even did my newest Billy Blanks kickboxing DVD!

#1 Easy Pilates (Approx. 20-24 mins.):

  • Led by some woman who was never introduced and is not Ana Caban like that case says, although it’s her voice
  • A very serene setting (on the beach with the ocean in the background)
  • Focuses on breathing work, mat work, and how you’re supposed to position yourself
  • There are a few recognizable moves here – the hundred – but it’s very slow and she uses a band at the end 

#2 Maintenance Pilates for Weight Loss (Approx. 25 mins.):

  • Led by Ana Caban
  • Starts with some yoga-y breathing and stretching
  • Then you get into all of the “classic” pilates moves: the hundred, roll-ups, single- and double-leg stretches, the mermaid, spine stretch, open-leg rocker, the saw, single-leg corkscrew, and the seal
  • Best part: a sequence of 4-6 moves where you’re lying on the ground, shoulders up, feet off the floor, and you transition from one move to the next without dropping your shoulders or legs

#3 Cardio Pilates (Approx. 25-30 mins.):

  • Led by Ana Caban
  • Good moves – they work your whole body and get your heart rate up
  • Many of the same classic moves as in the segment before

#4 AM Pilates (Approx. 30 mins.):

  • Led by Jillian Hessel (Ana’s sister maybe?), but with Ana Caban’s voice giving the instructions
  • This segment starts with some cardio-y jumps including a mix of kicking your legs out, doing jumping jacks, high knees, and butt kicks – nothing crazy intense, but it gets your heart rate up
  • Many of the same moves as segments 2 and 3
  • Best part: a leg series done on each side of the body – you lie on one side and do a sequence of 4 different moves before repeating the same thing on the other side – you feel it in your bum!

#5 PM Pilates (Approx. 12-15 mins.):

  • Led by Ana Caban
  • Though the majority of the moves are repeats (again), they are all slower and modified and includemore stretching 

Instructor: Ana Caban is… annoying. When I bought my first pilates DVD it was with her. Her voice isn’t calming, it’s annoying.  She counts everything! But I will admit that she has great form and tells you how to do each move right. Just that voice…
Moves: A little too repetitive if you do multiple segments in one sitting (like I did today). But overall, they’re great moves.
Best Workout: AM Pilates – I really like the cardio aspect at the beginning and end.
Worst: I would say the two slower workouts – Easy Pilates and PM Pilates. Let’s just say I never do those two. I get too bored.
Intensity Level: Beginner to Middle.
Buy It?: Are you looking for a pilates DVD that has the core (no pun intended) moves, some diversity, and is broken into easy-on-your-time-budget segments? Then buy this. It’s worth the money. Are you looking for tons of variation, longer pilates workouts (like fitness class style), and/or pilates that targets very specific areas? Then I would pass. There are better DVDs out there. As an end note: I don’t regret buying this – it’s nice for to be able to do a quick routine before work.


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