The Biggest Loser – The Workout: Power Sculpt (2007)

Posted: January 2, 2011 in DVD Reviews

If you haven’t already noticed, The Biggest Loser brand has numerous DVDs, and my goal is to review as many as I can.

The Biggest Loser – The Workout: Power Sculpt (2007)


This BL DVD focuses on the strength side of things


Where I Got This DVD: Rented it from the library
Length: Approx. 50 mins.
Workouts: Warm-Up, Power Sculpt Levels 1, 2, 3, and Cool-Down
Instructor: Jillian Michaels, Kim Lyons, and Bob Harper
Team: The Biggest Loser contestants

Note: I chose to do the Maximum Results Program, Weeks 5-6, which includes all of the workouts.

Warm-up (5 mins.)

  • This is led by Jillian and consists of three “heart rate up” moves and stretching. It’s a more low-key warm-up than some of the other Biggest Loser DVDs and doesn’t get me as warm and limber as I would like.

Power Sculpt: Level 1 (20 mins.)

  • Led by Jillian – she gets a little annoying because she’s sarcastic and sometimes pokes fun at the contestants a little too much instead of being encouraging.
  • This workout is the slowest of the three with lots of instruction for each move.
  • The moves are a good mix of common, and old and new Biggest Loser moves.
  • I used 5lb. dumbbells and started to feel it near the end in my shoulders. (I should probably tell you now that my upper body and especially my shoulder strength is awful for how “good” of shape I’m in!)
  • This workout was more of a beginner level and sadly only had 2 ab moves at the end.

Power Sculpt: Level 2 (10 mins.)

  • Led by Kim – she’s definitely more encouraging and friendly, not to mention completely ripped! It’s actually a bit crazy, but she bares her arms and stomach and whoa, she’s built.
  • The moves in the workout are in a great format: you start with a leg move, then add an arm movement, then end with just the arm movement. It really works everything and is a great workout.
  • Favorite/hardest move: Get in pushup position, do a pushup, then when in plank, twist knee in, pause in plank, pushup, twist other knee in, cont.
  • Another great one: Sit on floor, feet extended out but bent slightly at the knees. Hold one dumbbell in both hands extended straight out in front of you. As you lean back, pull the dumbbell back with one arm in a row-like form, keeping the other hand still straight out in front of you. Switch arms next rep.

Power Sculpt: Level 3 (10 mins.)

  • Led by Bob – he pushes you, but in the encouraging “you can do it and you better do it!” kind of way.
  • This workout format is similar to Kim’s, but you start out with a lower body and upper body move together and then add a third element, like a balance aspect, or another arm move, or an ab move. It’s great.
  • The Holy-This-is-Working! move: Get in pushup/plank position, do a pushup, rotate into a T-stand, then go back plank position again. Do a pushup and a T-stand on the opposite side. Hold back in plank position. After a certain amount of reps, move down to plank position on your forearms and hold. Raise right leg. Switch and raise left leg. Get back up onto hands in a plank pose. Hold. Go back down to forearm plank. Hold. Do the individual leg raises again. Killer! I was shaking.

Cool-Down (5 mins.)

  • Led by Jillian
  • She explains which stretches to do and how to do them. Slow and kind of silly and self-explanatory.

Instructor: Jillian’s the most annoying, but Kim and Bob are great. They explain, encourage, and push you just enough.
Moves: Some classic moves, especially in Level 1, but some great new additions/variations in Levels 2 and 3.  
Best Workout: Kim and Bob’s workouts. I like the levels they added for each move. I felt like every move worked every body part and they were moves I don’t do on my own.
Worst: I was disappointed in the Warm-Up and Cool-Down as silly as that sounds. They were too static.
Intensity Level: Beginner transitioning to Middle/Middle
Buy It?: If you’re newer to weight-lifting, are looking for some good, shorter weight workouts, or are looking for some variation or want to up your weight, then grab this DVD. The moves are all-encompassing and never go out of style, not to mention the length of each workout is varied and easy to mix and match with other everyday workouts, like a job, yoga, or kickboxing.

  1. Martin says:

    So, my question on this DVD is: when you say you’re really “feeling it,” is it more that you can tell it’s working, or is it walking that fine line between the good exercise burn, and the “holy hell, I just tore something” burn? I’m all for feeling it work, but not so much about uncomfortable pain.

    • Both. I could definitely tell the move was working my body and depending on the move, the feeling inched it’s way toward “holy hell”… but not in the “I just tore something” kind of way, more of the “we better be done soon because I’m shaking” kind of way.

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