Happy New Year! with The Abs Diet for Women Workout (2008)

Posted: January 2, 2011 in DVD Reviews

Happy New Year everyone! Did you party hardy last night? Think about your resolutions at all? I did! And I’d like to share them with you. My fitness goals for 2011 are to:

  1. Limit my red meat intake to no more than once a week
  2. Run at least three 5Ks this year and beat my current time of 25:14
  3. Incorporate yoga and pilates into my workout routines at least twice a week
  4. Focus on losing body fat percentage, especially around my waist
  5. Take a walk outside at least once a week, no matter the season!

What are your resolutions? Maybe this DVD targets one of them…

The Abs Diet for Women Workout (2008)

A supplement to the popular weight-loss book

 I have seen the Abs Diet books all over and always wondered if they would work. So I was excited when I found this DVD at the library. Would I be challenged? Or would it be a basic guide to getting the abs of your dreams? I expected the latter… and was right.

Where I Got This DVD: Rented it from the library
Length: 55 mins.
Workouts: 7 short ones
Instructor: Jessica
Team: Kat – does low-intensity workout; Madison – does advanced workout (not really though, only adds weight to two different sit-ups)

Note: All workouts have names of moves and reps at bottom of the screen, also time clock when in plank

1)       Warm Up: This was low energy with only a few moves – not really a good warm-up

2)       Abs Workout 1: 5 moves – 2 times through circuit

  • I used 3lb. weights for the moves that required weights
  • Good moves – ones I could feel

3)       Abs Workout 2: 5 moves – 1 time through circuit

  • I used 3lb. weights, but could have used 5lbs.
  • Highlighted move: Bridges with opposite arm and leg up – hard to balance, very tough
  • Good, tough lower back sit-ups and twists

4)       Cardio Interval Workout: Pyramid – 30 sec., 45, 60, 90, 45, 30 sec. blasts with running in place in between each

  • This is the longest workout segment at about 10-15 mins.
  • Not all of the cardio blasts were the same, which was nice
  • The running in between got long and boring – you could spice it up by holding light weights or doing something different
  • Jessica talked a lot and it got a bit corny – what she said seemed like common knowledge to me
  • I broke a small sweat

5)       Total Body Strength: Approx. 8-10 moves, I used 5lb. weights

  • Moves performed: Squats, push-up into T stands, supermans, lunges with arm moves
  • I got sweaty and felt challenged – the moves weren’t ones I usually do
  • Good instruction and pace

6)       Pilates: 5-7 moves – approx. 5 mins.

  • Quick segment with common and newer moves – good, fast workout

7)       Yoga: 5-7 moves – approx. 5 mins.

  • Another quick segment – good, short yoga workout for someone who’s new to it
  • Familiar moves: Warrior 1 and 2, tree, chair pose, salutation, downward dog

Instructor: I liked Jessica. She didn’t get too annoying, kept a good pace, and explained how to breathe and do each move.
Moves: They were moves I like mixed with newer combos.
Best Workout: Abs 2 – Because of the newer moves
Worst: Pilates – Not new enough, but not terrible
Intensity Level: Light to Middle
Buy It?: Newer to workout DVDs and exercise? Looking for a quicker, lighter intensity workout? Than this DVD is for you. It has enough familiar moves mixed with new moves to keep you challenged and comfortable with strength moves. But I wouldn’t pay more than $10 for it. Are you looking to sweat and tone your already-decent tummy? I would pass on this then. It’s a good workout – one that’s good for chill workout days – but I don’t see how it can get you the abs it claims it can.


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