New Year’s Eve – Round 1: The Biggest Loser Last Chance Workout (2009)

Posted: December 31, 2010 in DVD Reviews

Happy New Year’s Eve everyone! Have you been thinking about your New Year’s resolutions? I have and will reveal mine tomorrow.

Let’s get started right away, no dilly-dallying. For my first review, I’m starting with a brand name that has turned into something huge. (Not to mention one with a show that changes lives!) Drum roll please!

The Biggest Loser Last Chance Workout (2009)

Where I Got This DVD: Rented it from the library
Length: 61 mins.
Workouts: 3 workouts plus a warm up and cool down
Instructor: Jillian Michaels
Team: Biggest Loser contestants

Note: I did the workout labeled Weeks 5-6, which includes all of the workouts. Get there by clicking “Monday-Saturday” tab and “Music and Jillian’s Instructions” on the start menu.

1)       Warm-Up (5 mins.): Not bad, it got me going.  Jill talks the whole time, which gets a bit annoying.

2)       Last Chance Workout (25 mins.): 6 circuits, each 30 sec. of cardio, 30 sec. strength move for a total of 3 of each in each circuit; each circuit focuses on a different muscle group

  • 1st circuit = back, 2nd = chest, 3rd = legs, 4th = front arms (biceps), 5th = back arms (triceps), 6th = shoulders
  • I got tired and it was much harder by the end with shoulders – mine were shaking and I was sweating
  • Make it harder by holding weights or wearing weighted gloves during the cardio intervals

3)       Upper Body Sculpt (10 mins.): Works arms, shoulders, chest, triceps, and biceps

  • I don’t have the greatest upper body strength so I dropped to my knees to finish the pushups
  • I was shaking by renegade flies (pushup position with weight – balance in plank, weight in right hand, balance on left hand while you lift your right hand out in fly position, and switch arms after reps complete)

4)       Lower Body Tone (10 mins.): Includes squats, lunges, kicks, pulses with weights in hands

  • Good workout – it was tough with weights after doing the entire video

5)       Cool Down (5 mins.): Stretching

Instructor: Jill gets a little annoying, but she’s informative and talks about form.
Moves: There were quite a few I wouldn’t have done on my own; good combos too.
Best Workout: Last Chance Workout
Worst: None
Intensity Level: Middle to High
Buy It?: I would (/will be looking to) buy this for the variation. It has 3 good workouts that would be good individually or as one great workout. Doing the whole thing together totally kicks my butt, but because they’re such good lengths, each workout is easy to pair with something else – a jog, a workout class, another DVD, etc. Always do warm-up though.


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