Bring on the Strength and Sweat!

Posted: December 30, 2010 in About

My name is Kelsey when I started this blog, I had a full-time job in the publishing industry. Though I’m a book-lover, word-lover, wanna-be author, I’m also a fitness enthusiast. That may be too light of wordage—I’m obsessed with fitness. I work out every day and love trying new workouts because my motto is “Beauty is strength and sweat.”

But, like most people, money is an issue and time can be too. That’s why I love quick-and-easy recipes that are good for one person (or others that make lots of stay-good leftovers) and workout DVDs. Because let’s face it, some mornings it’s too dark, too cold, and you just want to stay in and work out without anyone seeing you in all your early-morning glory.

That’s why I’m started this blog. I love workout DVDs but have a hard time finding ones that have variation (time-wise and move-combination-wise) and challenge me without getting old in a week.  I don’t find a lot of DVD reviews to be that helpful and I don’t want to spend the money to buy something that’s not going to make me sweat when that’s what I’m trying to do.

My #1 priority was to review DVDs from the instructor to each workout on the DVD (from the length, to the moves, to the speed, to the weights I used), before I rated them on a Buy or Don’t Buy scale.

In the past year, I quit that full-time job and am now full-time into health and fitness. I want to help you learn more and achieve better results by becoming educated on why and what works — and what doesn’t.

What’s all on this blog:

  • Reviews of online and magazine workouts;
  • Links to fitness articles, websites, blogs, etc. that have good advice, new research, success stories, and anything else I think is interesting regarding fitness;
  • Workout gear and equipment that I use and find useful;
  • Recipes that look good and are healthy variations of common meals, without too many health-centric ingredients that tend to be expensive;
  • Motivating songs, tips, facts, and quotes to keep you going;
  • Book and product reviews;
  • And interviews!

Please respond, comment, send me a message—I want to hear from you! I’m doing this for all the people (that means men, too!) who want to find the right kind of active, fitness-friendly lifestyle without breaking the bank. Let the games begin 🙂

  1. Martin says:

    Great job Kels. I’m looking forward to keeping up with this blog.

  2. lookin good, girl – i love this layout! also i’d love it if you reviewed some workouts/dvds etc that don’t call for extra doo-dads (bands, weights, balls) for a poor ex-college students who don’t have much in the equipment department 🙂

    • Thanks, G! The one I reviewed yesterday – ABS DIET FOR WOMEN WORKOUT – can be done without weights. There are only a few sections that suggest you use them, but you can still do the workout without them. Have a heavy book? Use that! That’ll do 🙂 But I love the suggestion and will work on posting a DVD that has workouts you can rock w/o weights.

  3. Megan says:

    Nice work Kels! People at my school are always looking for the latest and greatest blog, and many of them complain about wanting to workout but not having time to go to the gym; SO I shall be passing this little gem onto them. Love you and keep up the good work!

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